Posted by David Button
Posted by David Button on Jun 03, 2022
We've almost come to the end of the Rotary year. Now it is time to reconcile how we have personally contributed to the impressive organisation of Rotary International as Rotarians. Actions speak louder than words, so we will be judged by what we do and not by what we say. The only way we are going to change anything is to do it ourselves.
My question to you is:  Did you live up to the expectations of an active Rotarian throughout this Rotary year?
  1. Have you built on the reputation of Rotary and the reputation of the Rotary Club?
  2. Have you involved yourself in Club life to strengthen friendships?
  3. Have you put your best foot forward with your available time to serve our community?
  4. Have you been a regular attendee at Club meetings?
  5. Have you been an active member or leader of our projects?
  6. Have you done your best to learn everything you can about the changing world of Rotary?
  7. Have you invited people to learn about what we do, join a meeting, or become members?
  8. Have you found the passion to meet the purpose?
I hope you were able to answer YES to most of these questions. If not, there is always next year.
When you were inducted as a Rotarian, there was an expectation that you would become an active and vital member of an International Organization. To promote and grow Rotary through your profession and build strength within the club through friendship. It is a simple yet powerful model of how people who are unconnected in life can bring it all together in service.
Membership in Rotary is an honor and privilege. Rotary is not a social club or a yearly subscription you pay just to be a member. Rotary involves obligations.
An essential obligation of membership is regular involvement with the club through the weekly meetings, Club projects and Social events. Sure life gets in the way, but Rotary is a living, breathing and pulsing organisation that needs above-average people to step in and be involved.
There is no room for bystanders, only room for people of action, determination and resolve. We might be volunteers, but we are on the serious end of volunteerism and that takes commitment to fulfil a task. That means that sometimes you need to put Rotary to the front to ensure that what we promise actually happens.
The community will know and judge Rotary through our example in character and service by EVERY Rotarian associated with our Club. We have quality members but not all are quality Rotarians. My hope is that our Club will find a way to release the potential in every member so that together we do projects to help our community that are still only dreams.