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DAA Autumn Newsletter 


To provide, and assist, in delivering sustainable humanitarian aid relevant to people affected by natural and other disasters, including safe water and shelter’ with

  • SmartAid: To help communities in developing countries rebuild their lives after a major disaster.
  • Safe Water for Every Child: To reduce the ongoing disaster of disease and death from unsafe water.

Ukraine Crisis

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has resulted in a major humanitarian crisis with millions of refugees, and damage to infrastructure such as water treatment.

Disaster Aid Australia is one of the many Disaster Aid International partners that has stepped up to support Ukraine.

Thanks to our supporters we have raised almost $40,000 that has provided 5 SkyHydrants (Including the two in the photograph being volunteer delivered) and a substantial cash donation to Disaster Aid Europe for additional supplies purchased in Europe.


Disaster Aid Europe

Stuart Amesbury of Disaster Aid Europe, as well as fundraising, has been managing the local purchasing and transporting of essential aid to Rotarians in Slovakia and Ukraine.

Major Support has also been provided by: Disaster Aid USA Disaster Aid Canada Disaster Aid UK & Ireland


Pamanukan Recovery

February we received a report from RC Bandung Pakuan about our second Smart Aid grant to rebuild flood damaged houses in Pamanukan.

This follows on from our initial grant in 2021 in response to the Indonesian Floods.

Another three families have been provided with new homes for a total of $5,000.

President of Bandung Pakuan RC, Juju Sukma and Past President Honey Kurnia have played an important part in the project by organising the building works.


Sponsor a SkyHydrant Installation

Although the original Bhutan project is close to completion there will be ongoing opportunities to sponsor installations.

In 2022 we will be looking to:

·       Extend our installations to communities and village schools in Bhutan.

·       Continue our Safe Water for Every Child projects in Mindanao, Philippines.

·       Commence installations for the Bangsamoro Health and Peace project,  Philippines.

Develop projects in Timor Leste with new partners.

Value for Money

In April we explained on our website how DAA ensures that that the maximum proportion of your donations are delivered as aid.

This is achieved by:

·       Maximising the use of volunteers rather than salaried employees.

·       The Rotary Club of Greater Dandenong and Endeavour Hills pays our office rent.

·       Limiting travel costs by using local partners, and only paying economy for essential travel.

·       Not using fundraising companies

·       Limiting promotional and marketing costs to less than 10% of income

·       Purchasing locally whenever possible, rather than paying high transport costs.


Typhoon Odette Recovery

Our Philippine partner Balay Mindanaw has continued to provide aid to the island of Dinagat that was devastated by Typhoon Odette in December 2021.

The latest trips have concentrated on providing ‘Smart Aid’ building materials to enable people to start rebuilding their own homes.

The photo shows distribution of steel roofing sheets timber and nails for 100 homes.

Disaster Aid Australia is proud to be one of the many partners of Balay Mindanaw in this response.


Myth Busting - Safe Water Is About Much More Than Health

As our SkyHydrants improve water quality from basic river water to sparkling, bacteria free water we have seen reductions in ill health by more than 70%.

But that is not the only benefit!

We have found additional benefits include:

·       Less poverty

·       Improved education

·       Reduction in plastic waste


Visit Disaster Aid Australia


As we learn to live with COVID why not plan a club dinner at Disaster Aid Australia, near Dandenong?

You will find out much more about how DAA has continued to deliver aid.

If Dandenong is too far, we can offer hosted virtual visits.

We can also provide guest speakers either face to face or by ZOOM.

Contact  Disaster Aid Australia for more information.


Disaster Aid Australia Conference - November 2022

For the first time since 2019 we are planning to run a Disaster Aid Conference on the 12th November 2022

Make a date in your diary now!

Further details will be released in the next few months.