I thought I just like to bring you up to date with what is happening to the club projects/activities and proposed donations. Peter Buck has done a great job using the Rotary 2020/2021 Projects Timeline Spreadsheet that he developed last year to keep track of all club project activities. The use of traffic light system on project status gives an immediate visual to project that may need attention. As Peter said, during Covid-19 lockdown, the traffic light system has indicated the club still managed to do a fair bit of project and communities activities despite of the lockdown. Well done!
If you look at the spreadsheet carefully, you will notice there are many opportunities for members to involve in project/activities that they are passionate about and would like to put up their hand to help. I would strongly encourage you to talk to the project leaders to get involved. This is your club and getting involved to “making a difference” is why we joined Rotary!
Peter has also included a section on proposed donations that were approved by the board on the same spreadsheet for easy reference.
The Board had approved the Rotary Citation Goals for the club and these goals will be entered in My Rotary soon to track our club performance going forward. We have selected 16 out of 25 goals and if we can achieve 13 goals, our club will receive a Rotary Citation certificate from Rotary International . The goals are realistic and achievable and I am confident that as a club, we can achieve them and receive a Rotary Citation from RI in the Centennial Year!