Dear Fellow Rotarians.
Just in case you missed this Michael McQueen webinar last night,  I recommend you to click on the link  in the message below to watch this fantastic presentation.
I got a lot out of the presentation not only for club membership building but the trend in the coming 10 years. Thank you to Phil for downloading the Michael McQueen Towards 2030 Trend White Paper for our club members.
Stay safe and healthy .
Take Care,
Hello Everyone,
I am pleased to tell you that you can now  review the webinar we held last night.
It is on the District 9705 website which, just to confuse you, is the old District 9700 website!
Anyway, here is the link and then click on Michael’s picture.
P.S. I will be in touch again about future webinars as we hold them.
Judy Ford
D9705 Co-Chair Membership
Rotary Club of Gungahlin
0431 676 959