Sgt Ken opened the Meeting with a group recitation of the Invocation and called on Peter for the Loyal Toast, with 11 Members present (8 apologies).
Pres Anthony:
  • Announced that there would be a meeting with the Lions at Cornerstone to see how the meals are produced.
  • Conference update – Decided to all bring white T-shirts and textas, and we will decide on the day how to make them fit in with the jail theme.
  • Con reported on the Grants e-seminar he had attended, qualifying the Club for the next year. He was very impressed with the seminar and the good use of technology.
  • Welcomed back globetrotting Leanne, fresh from her exploits in Hawaii.
  • The All Holden Car Show had grossed around $15,000, despite slightly disappointing attendance from the public. Feedback had been extremely positive. (This was reported on at the previous Meeting, at which your scribe was not present. It is a credit to all concerned, (a number of Members did a lot of hard work, but special mention should be made of Martin Pater, Peter Buck, Alan Kamerling and Katie Peck), and shows what can be achieved when two Clubs work together! Ed).
Treas. Joe then read out the balances in the various bank accounts. Alan R noted that the consolidation of the Trusts had been completed and Anthony and Joe have to get the banks to consolidate the bank accounts. The only Trust which could not be consolidated is the Ken Oldmeadow Trust. Jo then initiated a discussion on the District Insurance coverage and cost. Phil informed us that the cost was very reasonable and that the District cover was one of very few which included cover for sexual offences, showing the power of Rotary. Joe also questioned whether it is compulsory to subscribe to Rotary Down Under.
Phil announced a Council Fun Run on 27 March between 4.00pm and 8.00pm, on which we would be quoting. They expect between 100 and 150 participants at Tirhatuan Park.