Posted by Con Meehan
With 18 Members and Lois and Vicki present, Pres Peter welcomed everyone and introduced Graeme for a report on the multi-purpose Futsal court opening.
St James Church, built in 1864, is Dandenong’s oldest building. Graeme showed photos of the old tennis courts, which were so badly deteriorated that they were unsafe. In order to cater better to local youth, it was decided to demolish the old courts and build a new multi-purpose facility. Because of the dual function, synthetic grass was chosen. An interesting sidelight is that the line markings are not painted on, but are made by inserting coloured strips into cut-outs in the grass!
There will be a Stage 2 development of the existing Parish Centre.
Graeme summarised the opening ceremony activities (which have been reported in the previous Gateway). The Club donated $5,000 to the Project, with the major contribution of $50,000 coming from the Church itself.
* Con then explained that the political situation in Sri Lanka involved a complete curfew throughout the land, meaning that the planned live-cross to the opening of the Tubewell had to be postponed. He than gave a brief summary of the recent political events and the economic problems facing the country, which do not augur well for the future.
* David L  then gave some clues as to where the sub-committee reviewing the Club’s Membership and Visioning proposal is heading and tied this in with his up-coming trip to the US, where he will be pursuing some “thoughts” with the RI  leadership.
David has spoken to Barry Rassin on restructuring Rotary, so that Action Groups can initiate co-ordinated responses to disasters. He will be speaking to him at the International Convention (he has been to 18!!!) on Membership, before returning via Lankawi and the Philippines, where he will giving an address on Disaster Aid deployment and will then spend 10 days in Houston. Wow!
* Colin gave a summary of his experiences at the recent District Assembly:
  • Focus on where Rotary is heading.
  • Reminder on International Conference in Melbourne in 2023.
  • Barbara Mifsud presented on what a successful Rotary Club should look like.
  • Highlight – Cherie’s “unbelievable” presentation on DA.
  • Bemoaned the fact there were only 3 attendees, plus Phil for one day.
  • There is a leadership problem in clubs.
  • Encouraged more Members to attend future Assemblies
  • Our Club is seen as one of the clubs which are succeeding.
* Pres Elect Leanne then stepped up to the plate to speak on PETS3 held in Warrigul.
  • She had already done some PETS Training on-line.
  • The break-out sessions are a great idea.
  • Incoming RI President, Jennifer Jones, is an “amazing and inspiring person”.
  • Other clubs want to do combined Projects.
* Leanne also went to Dandy West Primary School, where she, Val and Margaret have initiated the “Sandwich Program" to help children that don't bring lunch to school.. Three school Grade 6 leaders helped. The school is keen to create a partnership with the Club.
She announced that a Membership enquiry had been received from a lady who seems very keen to join.
The concept of a Rotary Resource Centre was received with enthusiasm around the District. Diversity and equality are very important, she said, There is a Ladies’ Social Group starting up at St James’ Hall.
* Sec Phil, also District Insurance Officer, reported on his part in the Assembly. He advised that the Rotary policy covers all Members for all activities, provided the Member has a Working With Children Card AND has lodged the required Volunteer Declaration. He also advised that the Rotary policy is unique in that it provides cover against sexual offences.
* Sgt Ken, champing at the bit, fined everyone within reach, before the raffle was drawn, raising over $90.

Meeting Tuesday 24th May

This is a must for EVERY Member. We are transitioning from Team App to Club Runner for the majority of our communications, news and RSVPs, and Colin will be giving us a tutorial on how to use it. As well as doing all his District work, Colin has got the App up and running for us. It has taken many hours of work and the least we can do is learn how to use it properly.
We are always inviting other Members to contribute articles for publication (with little success, so far) and it is hoped that, with Club Runner, this will happen. There are handy links to District and various other resources and they are easily accessed.

Social Night Tuesday 31st May

Positano Restaurant in Hallam from 7.00 to 8.30pm. RSVP ASAP essential! See Team App or Club Runner.