Sadly we farewell past Rotarian  Allan Penney who was a member of Dandenong East Rotary Club from 1972 to 2003, Allan joined the Rotary Club of Dandenong East on 19 November 1972, where he held the offices of President (1981/82), Treasurer (1973/79) and Sergeant At Arms (1984/85), distinguishing himself in all Avenues of Service. In his Presidential year, Alan’s main achievements were inducting Alun Jones as a Paul Harris Fellow, running the successful around Dandenong Fun Run, a Folk Art Exhibition and assisting one inbound Exchange Student and two outbound Students.
Between 1991 and 1999, Allan was heavily involved in Leeside Rotary House, a facility set up by the Club to house and counsel male perpetrators of family violence.
Allan was a wonderful servant of the Club and highly respected by all. A man of absolute integrity! He was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship for his outstanding service.
My favourite memory of Allan was at a District Conference. It was the Saturday Night Dinner Dance. We had tables just in front of the stage. A very talented stand-up comedian by the name of Paul Martell (husband of singer Karen Knowles) was in full flight, telling hilarious joke after joke. I looked across at Allan and saw tears rolling down his cheeks – tears of laughter! It was a special moment.
In 1981, he became a Leader of a Parkinson’s Peer Support Group, to which he devoted 23 years service, being President for 2 years, Secretary for 2 and Treasurer for 6. In 1997, Allan was awarded Life Membership of Parkinson’s Victoria.
Allan was a humble, unassuming man, with a strong moral compass and a desire to serve. Every organisation he was a member of was all the better for his involvement. This is certainly true of Rotary!
Con Meehan
I cannot find any record of Dandenong East Rotary Club now, so presume it has either closed or been renamed. I would appreciate if you can pass this information on to anyone who may have known him. I can be contacted on 0418 549 007 or by email at Regards Ian Penney